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At Pousada O Meu Canto, the Tour Guide Gil Cunha and his team offer several tours that include waterfalls, summits, Historic Farms. In the tours you'll get great recommendations on rural restaurants where you can find local food made in wood-burning stoves or delicious fish.

There are also several Adventure Sports that you can practise, such as Tubing, Canoeing and Stand Up Paddle at Ilha Parque de Aventuras.


Guided Tours

Guided Tours start at 10am at the Pousada during weekends and holidays.

Andorinhas' Trail Tour

On the way up at Mantequeira's mountain we'll find lots of waterfalls and fishing spots.

Boqueirão da Mira Tour

Tour with view to two waterfalls: Boqueirão da Mira and Meireles' waterfalls. After the walk, a delicious lunch made in a wood-burning stove at Dona Tereza's.

Santa Clara's Tour

Guided visit to the historic farm, Santa Clara, which is the biggest in South America, waterfalls and lunch at the Duque's charming restaurant.

Pacau's Tour

Visit to two beautiful waterfalls and lunch at Recanto das Trutas.

City Tour

Guided Tour across the iconic places of Santa Rita de Jacutinga and its characters.

The "Ilha", as known, lays on the margins of the Preto River, the main river of the region, 6 km away from the city and it's the perfect spot to practise adventure sports. The park offers an interesting mix of activities so that everyone has fun and enjoy the outdoors lifestyle.

Boia Cross, or tubing, is a sport that consists on going down the river sitting on floats covered with canvas. Ideal for beginners, suitable for kids (older than 6 y/o) and adults.

At the moment, thepark offers a combo of 3 activities: Tubing, Canoeing and Stand Up Paddle.

The price is R$85 per person, it includes the 3 activities and lasts about 3 hours.

For booking, talk directly at the reception of the Pousada.


Not available at the moment


In this sport, nature is, at the same time, the main attraction and the main difficulty. The challenge is not opening up new paths, but break the ones already opened by nature.

These activities are offered by us together with another company from Bom Jardin de Minas, a neighbour city. Therefore it is very important to book in advance.

When visiting the #CityOfWaterfalls, remember to take into account these advices.
                                   Coming to Santa Rita de Jacutinga using a GPS is not usually a good deal. There have been many cases of visitors who spent more time than necessary, passing by other cities unnecessarily because of the GPS' directions. For your benefit, follow the directions given at HOW TO GET HERE, at this site. If you find contradictiry directions, follow ours.
There are no banks in the city open 24 hours. There are Bradesco ATM, but there is not always money available to withdraw. It's important to bring cash. During weekdays, Banco do Brasil can be found at the mail offeces and Caixa at the lotery stores. Besides, not all the restaurants and stores accept payment by card.
There are lots of options for trails, waterfalls and sports. In order to enjoy all the activities bring swimming suits, sunblock, sunglasses, cap or hat, light clothes and spare shoes, as in many activities shoes get wet, and wearing them is compulsory according to the safety norms.

Guide Gil Cunha's advices

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